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Indy Laptops Customer Reviews


Why Choose Us?

Giving customers the service we ourselves expect is a point of pride with us. You get one on one attention. We listen to your situation and provide a solution fit for you and your budget. We are problem solvers. We don’t give up easily when diagnosing and repairing your computer. The continual research and learning are part of what we enjoy.

When you’re buying a laptop or desktop from us, we ask questions. How much storage do you need? What will it be used for? What size screen do you need?  We match you to the computer that fits your specific needs, and we don’t try to upsell you to more pc than is necessary.

Unlike some places, Indy Laptops does all repairs in shop.  We don’t outsource our repairs. What this means for you is that the repair is done fast and often at less cost to you. You can ask questions about your repair and a tech is here to talk to you.

iDrive Backup Service
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