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Remote Computer Help and Support from Indy Laptops

Can’t make it into our store for service?

Connect with a technician from the comfort of your home with our Remote Computer Help and Support Services.


     Remote computer support is a way of diagnosing and repairing computer problems via the internet using secure remote access software.

  • The software we use requires you to accept the remote session

  • It allows our technician to see what you see on your screen, chat with you about your issues, share files with you, and more.

  • Our technician can control your mouse and keyboard during the remote session.

  • after you terminate the session we will no longer have access to your computer.


     There are some computer problems that our technician won’t be able to solve remotely.

  • You must have a working internet connection. If your issue is related to problems with internet access then you would use our In-Home Service for that repair.

  • a technician won’t be able to fix a problem remotely if your computer has hardware issues or you can’t turn it on. For these issues, it is best to bring your computer to Indy Laptops store or have a technician come to your home to solve the issue. 

Computer Data Transfer


     Never allow remote access to your computer by someone that you didn't ask for help. Pop-ups or even phone calls claiming to be from Microsoft or other legitimate companies are nearly always "fraudulent or counterfeit". These unscrupulous actors pose a very real threat to your computer by stealthily installing malicious software that can lead to the loss of valuable files stored on your computer. Even worse, the tactics used by the offenders can lead to identity theft and personal or business financial losses.

Always know who you are giving remote access to. If it seems suspicious, play it safe and decline.  

At Indy Laptops, you call us first. We set up an appointment and we communicate with you before, during and after by phone. If you'd like, you can watch your computer screen while the technician is working on your repair. You are encouraged to ask questions at any point during the remote session.

     The above viruses can use ‘warning’ tactics, flashing screens, loud sirens, and someone talking to you through your PC.  They are trying to induce fear and confusion, get you to call, and then use high pressure sales to get you to buy their services, often for a large sum of money.

 In most cases, they further infect your PC with other viruses.


Pop ups andphone scams

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