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Refurbish, Rebuild, Reuse

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We Accept All Types Of Desktops PC's,

Laptops, Tablets, And Phones For Recycling. 


Computer and other IT Equipment Are Full Of Heavy Metals That Are Toxic To Nature, And Much More.

Dispose of Your End-of-Life IT Equipment Responsibly with Indy Laptops

We know that Businesses often find themselves with excess or unused IT equipment that is no longer serving its purpose.

Whether it's outdated computers, monitors, printers, or other devices, these items can take up valuable space and pose potential security risks if not properly handled.

That's where Indy Laptops comes in to offer a convenient and environmentally friendly solution
Indy Laptops is pleased to announce our new service offering for local businesses: free pick-up of end-of-life IT equipment. Our team understands the importance of responsibly disposing of electronic waste (e-waste) and is committed to helping businesses in the Indianapolis area make the transition smoothly and sustainably.

By partnering with Indy Laptops for your IT equipment disposal needs, you not only free up valuable space in your office but also contribute to a cleaner environment. 

Our process is simple and hassle-free.
Just contact us to schedule a pick-up time that works for you, and our team will handle the rest.
Whether you have a single computer or a room full of old equipment, we can accommodate your needs and ensure that your e-waste and Data is disposed of responsibly.

Don't let your end-of-life IT equipment go to waste.
Contact Indy Laptops today to schedule your free pick-up and take the first step towards a more sustainable future for your business and the environment.

Call 317-844-9495

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