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Windows Corruption Repair

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Sometimes a Windows system runs slow or acts strangely, and it may be hard to know exactly the cause. One option could be that you have picked up some malware or a virus, or perhaps some of your systems files are corrupted and not working as they should.


There are numerous reasons why Windows files or system files can become corrupted,

some of the most common are:



  • Sudden power outage

  • Power surge

  • Complete system crash

  • Mismatched versions

  • Updating errors

What does it mean if a file is corrupted?


A corrupted file is simply a file that is damaged and not performing as it should. This can happen to any type of file, from documents to program and system files. A simple reboot of your system is often enough to fix the problems, but occasionally the issues are more complicated.


All the files on your computer have a certain structure and content. When it is all arranged properly, the files work normally. However, when the wrong information is written into a file, or if the correct information is in the wrong location, it will affect the file and how it is displayed.


Sometimes a corrupted file won’t open at all, or it may appear scrambled and unreadable. This does not necessarily mean the core program is corrupted, for example, Word might not be able to open a particular document but be ok with others.

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