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Liquid spill on your laptop?

Coffee on a Laptop. We Fix That Issue!

Take Action Immediately

If you experience a liquid spill on your laptop computer, you can minimize damage to your machine if you follow these steps immediately:

1.      Unplug your computer from the wall and from any other devices connected to it.

2.      Turn off your computer and keep it off. Avoid the temptation to check on your computer. You could cause further damage.

3.      Remove the battery.

4.      Carefully wipe off any liquid on the outside of the computer with a soft, dry cloth.

5.      Partially open your laptop and stand it up on either short end. This will help your system to dry out and drain.
~Do not use a hair dryer or fan to dry your computer — it may cause further damage to your machine.
~If you turn the computer on before the liquid has been removed from the laptop, you could cause additional damage to your system.

6.      Bring your laptop to Indy Laptops for our complete cleaning service as soon as possible. We disassemble your laptop and chemically clean the affected internal electrical components. Next, we perform a total system test. We then clean the outside of the laptop.

​Regardless of the type of liquid spilled on your laptop, we have a very high success rate of mitigating the problem even if it occurred days or even weeks prior.

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Dell Latitude 5590
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