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DC Jack / Power Port
Cabled DC Jack
DC Jack on Motherboard

Here at Indy Laptops we can diagnose and repair your DC Jack Ports


What is a laptop dc jack and how does it work?

The dc jack is a small port on your laptop that allows it to be connected to a power adapter. It is also known as the AC adapter connector, power in connector or plug. The dc jack is used to provide power to your laptop and charge the battery.


If your laptop’s dc jack is damaged or failing, you may notice one or more of the following symptoms:

-Laptop only charges when you hold the power cord in a specific position

-Your laptop will not turn on

-Your laptop does not charge

-Laptop emits odd noises

-Display brightness flickers

-Screen or keyboard goes blank

-Battery doesn’t last as long



Power Port / Power Cord

In many cases, if you are experiencing any of these issues with your laptop, the DC power jack needs replacement. Repairing this jack can be a difficult task, as it requires delicate soldering and precise work. If you are not comfortable with this repair, it is best to bring your laptop to Indy Laptops.

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