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Whether it's your laptop not powering on or a desktop that appears to be dead, Indy Laptops can help. 

In a laptop, it can be a bad power adapter (power cord), bad DC Jack (where it plugs into) or any number of components on the board.  We start by testing your power supply. Then we check you DC Jack and then move on to the board if needed.

In desktops, they have a PSU (power supply unit) and they do go bad, burn out or just don't have the juice to power your desktop. We keep a supply of the most common PSU's and can order new and/or higher wattage ones.  If this is your issue. 


There are several things that can cause a computer to not start up.  Bad updates, not shutting down correctly, corrupted files and so on.  Doing a hard reset can help.  Pull the cmos (internal) battery and your main battery (pull plug on a desktop) and hold the power button. If you are not comfortable with this, come see us.

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